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Sukkur IBA University



There has been centuries Islamic world produced scientists like Alkhuwarzimi, Ibn-e-Khaldun and Bu-Ali Sina many notable scientists in the history of Islamic world. The fundamental reason of such inability of Muslim world is nothing but approach towards science.
The use of practical approaches in science teaching is fundamental, it offer opportunities to student to explore questions, participate in investigations, explore the world and engage in observation using science labs. These approaches facilitate conceptual understanding and construction of knowledge as opposed to rote memorization.
We need to go back to the history and change our science teaching methods. Summer Science Camp at Sukkur IBA Univeristy is just a stone being thrown in the silent sea to create waves which can unrest scientific minds to start thinking in scientific way.

Idea of Science Summer Camp

Sukkur IBA University in Collaboration with Community Development Program (CDP), Government of Sindh is offering ‘Summer Science Camp’. The purpose of this program is to impart inquiry-based science education to the students of under-privileged background at Sukkur IBA Community Colleges. It aims to explore hidden potential among the students of government schools to become future scientists and technologist. Highly qualified faculty of Community Colleges will teach students Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science through projects and practical activities in groups. At the end of this activity, students will display their projects at a mega exhibition to be held at Sukkur IBA in which best projects will be given award and prizes.

Practical Activities

The Summer Science Camp offers access of Science Laboratories of five Community Colleges to participating students and teachers of entire Sindh through science projects and practical work. During this camp, students will design the projects and display them to get feedback from teachers, improve them and finally present in grand science exhibition at Sukkur IBA. Simultaneously, project also offers an access of science lab facility to the students of underprivileged areas through state-of-the-art Mobile Science Laboratory. This Camp host students of Class IX and Class X from government schools of Sindh to join 3-week summer camp free of cost.

Main Features of the Program
  • Grand Science Exhibitions at Sukkur IBA University
  • A Mobile Science Laboratory to support science education in Government Schools in selected Districts
  • All the study material will be provided by Sukkur IBA University
  • Enrolled students will be awarded certificate of participation
  • Awards will be given to Top Performing Students
  • Food and Local transport would be provided to all participants

Application Process

•Admission forms can be collected from Sukkur IBA and IBA community College or can be downloaded from summercamp.iba-suk.edu.pk
•Fill the form completely and submit to your nearest IBA Community College or Sukkur IBA Community Colleges Office
•Class IX & X Students from all districts of Sindh are encouraged to apply
•Applications will be shortlisted by project committee

Note: Candidates are required to arrange their own accommodation. This Program is only for Students of Government Schools of Sindh.


• IBA Community College Khairpur
• IBA Community College Naushahro Feroze
• IBA Community College Dadu
• IBA Community College Jacobabad
• IBA-Public School Sukkur

Summer Camp Student Registration Form

Summer Camp Teacher Registration Form

Advertisement - IBACC Summer Camp

Objectives of the Project

Summer Science Camp


  • To inculcate among young learners love for Science
  • To provide young learners with an environment to explore their talents
  • To mentor the students of Government High Schools in innovative projects and ideas in the areas of Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, & Physics
  • To provide students with hands on experience to transfer their thoughts in many creative ways
  • To encourage the students and mould their brain towards scientific and critical thinking and questioning
  • To do away the negative sense of deprivation from among the students of rural areas
  • To support the Government High Schools in teaching science
  • To mentor at least 200 Science Teachers in practical teaching approaches
  • To support at least 1000 students in innovative science projects
  • To organize 10 summer science camps at five community colleges
  • To arrange 2 grand science exhibitions at Sukkur IBA
  • To Provide science teachers with opportunities to work with sophisticated science equipment at IBA Community Colleges
  • To promote professional cooperation and mutual learning relationship between the teachers of IBA Community Colleges and Science Teachers Government Schools
  • To promote professional learning communities of teachers in Sindh
  • To set up a mobile science laboratory to support government High schools


  • Transfer of Heat
  • Battery Power
  • Centripetal force
  • Disproving concept of Greeks about magnetization & demagnetization
  • Determine the spring constant using Hooke’s law.
  • Firework glass
  • To make a gravity device.
  • Intensity of light
  • Make a hydrofoil to sink or float
  • Factors affecting the strength of electromagnet
  • Motion of a simple pendulum related to its length.
  • To design periscope
  • Seed oil demonstration of electric field.
  • To design projector
  • Electrical energy from salt water.
  • SINK OR SWIM: Calculating densities of different objects
  • Static charge produced in balloon
  • Why do lighter objects (i.e: Pebble) sink, and heavier objects float on water?

Chemistry Projects

  • How electricity can be generated by hydroelectric power plant?
  • How to make metals more attractive and durable
  • How will we identify different unlabeled acids, bases and salts solutions?
  • Why one metal displaces other metal?
  • Don’t smoke
  • Diffusion in cold and hot water
  • Estimation of sodium metal from sodium chloride solution by using metal less electrode
  • Electricity passage through nontraditional electrolytes
  • Verification of co2 gas in our breath
  • How can we examine the thermal properties of water?
  • How to separate fat from biscuits?
  • How metals can be protected from corrosion
  • Why do the layers of different liquids form?
  • How does combustion reaction produce pressure?
  • Spud gun volcanic eruption
  • What is your favorite color of candy? Do you want to know what dyes were used to make that color?

Computer Science Projects

  • Title of Project
  • Project Level
  • Developing Flyer with MS Word
  • Basic
  • E-Mark Sheet
  • Basic
  • Techno Cartoons
  • Basic
  • Designing Brochure using MS Publisher
  • Basic
  • Amazing Secret Screen
  • Intermediate
  • Photo Gallery using Web maker
  • Intermediate
  • Skype Calling and Configuration
  • Intermediate
  • PC Assembling Simulation and Hands-On
  • Intermediate
  • Mobile Video Surveillance System
  • Intermediate
  • Classic Maze
  • Advanced
  • DJ Play Songs
  • Advanced
  • Laser Defense based Security Alarm
  • Advanced
  • Floor Cleaner Robot
  • Advanced
  • Wrestling Robots
  • Advanced
  • Line Follower Robot
  • Advanced


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